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Advice and Support

CGIT Consulting is a consulting and realizations company. She is able to provide you with advice, taking into account the constraints and realities on the ground. It is also able to manage contractors within the framework of a global project management.

His knowledge and practice of the European, North American and Caribbean markets allows him to offer solutions adapted to any situation by making the most of the best possible methods and solutions.


It can also intervene within the framework of a new project as within the framework of a recovery of an existing situation with engineering procedures.  reverse.


She is able to establish useful contacts with the manufacturers, application designers and service providers concerned, in order to propose the best migration strategy to the target environment.

CGIT Consulting also manages  projects in their  together by planning each step of the process with partners and Customer contacts.

The vertical competence of CGIT Consulting allows an approach  reliable and secure.

CGIT Consulting also offers assistance and technical support by email, assistance by remote control of the applications or by going on site if necessary.

Our clients appreciate our skills, our responsiveness and our ability to take into account their business and their operating processes.

We do our best to satisfy our customers, to support them in their development and enable them to achieve their goals.


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