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Technical solutions

CGIT Consulting is qualified in technical solutions such as:


Networks: local network to supply and lay cables, wired solutions  and active equipment: switches, routers, firewalls, proxy servers,


WiFi Hotspots and wireless solutions to connect users to networks everywhere and in all conditions


VPNs, on the Internet and local networks


Video protection solutions, to monitor and control the premises. We can install video surveillance installations  affordable and also high-end IP solutions.


We install exchanges   security, remote access and smartphone viewing of protected facilities


- EZ-TV, private TV apps to create, manage and produce your own private TV channel. The best way to communicate with your customers, your partners and to inform and advertise at all times. You can update and edit your content online without any technical knowledge.


CGIT Consulting has extensive experience in the technical assets of networks, active equipment for installation and implementation.  devices and solutions  computer science.


  CGIT Consulting also works on demand for specific projects in the field of energy, sustainable applications, etc.

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